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Is your business ready for local mobile search?
According to IBM customer transaction data, we experienced a major milestone in the world of online retail on the American Thanksgiving weekend; mobile traffic from smartphones and tablets accounted for 52.1% of all online traffic. Read the full post Is your business ready for local mobile search?
New social network Tsu
Since Facebook hit the scene in 2004, the number of social networks has grown and expanded. Seemingly there is a new social network introduced every month or so, but few having the staying power that social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have achieved. Read the full post...

If you have a business website you have probably been told that your website has to be mobile friendly, you might even have talked to your web designer about a responsive website. Unfortunately for most businesses this is where it stops, that is until a critical point is reached; traffic drops significantly or the leads start drying up. To avoid the frantic troubleshooting that inevitably occurs at this point, you might want to think beyond the coveted "mobile friendly" search engine ranking badge and give some thought to the following:

Is DIY SEO dead, Google's Panda update and more
There was a time where, with a little knowledge & effort, anybody who put some time into HTML tags and building links could see quick results. Today, with constantly evolving search engine algorithms that focus more and more on trying to anticipate user experience (consider the Panda and Pigeon updates), getting those results can take considerably more effort. The way I see it, the only way to win the search engine game is to give those algorithms exactly what they are doing their robot-best to find; a great user experience.
Improving Search Presence with Rich Snippets Ontario SEO

As many of us would agree, search engine results all tend to look the same. You input your search term, hit enter and BAM, you have a list of results that all look very similar. A blue title, url and a plain looking text description. This is a vast battle ground of targeted keywords and descriptions that are all focused on showing you why an individual site is the best fit for what you are looking for.

10 things you can do today to make your website perform better
Earlier this month I was lucky to be able to attend SMX East in New York City. The conference was jam-packed with the latest information about search marketing and featured tons of amazing speakers who are innovative leaders in their fields. The conference was only three days long but I felt like I gathered enough information and inspiration to last me for several months. Read the blog post.
Competitive online market evaluation

I'm often asked "how much SEO does my business need?", which I usually answer with another question - how long is a piece of string? That's not me being evasive, it's simply that an online marketing campaign strategy is dependent on so many things.

A few quick and easy ways to determine what may be needed are listed in the blog post. Read more...

Visits or Unique Visitors? Source or Medium? 4 Google Analytics Terms Demystified
So someone told you that you should start tracking traffic to your website. Excited by the idea, you dutifully set up your free Google Analytics account and started watching the data pour in. Or maybe you had an agency or an employee set up your account and they are tracking your website data for you, sending you a nice report every once in a while. Well, congratulations, you are well on your way to mastering your online traffic! Read more..
Content marketing is one of the more popular online marketing strategies right now
Content marketing is one of the more popular strategies right now, and for good reason. More and more Google is attributing higher value and rankings to sites that offer the best “user experience” as well as providing value and quality information on a topic. Links show Google that users have indeed seen this, and found it valuable enough that they wanted to share it with others. Read the full post.
Google plus business page malfunctions and how you can fix it

One of the things we do at Ontario SEO is monitor the social profiles of our clients. Last week we noticed that some of our clients' Google+ pages had been stripped of their official page names and renamed as "Default Page." The error message that Google displays reads: "We have hidden your page and removed it from Google Maps due to changes in our system. Learn more.”

Read the full article to find out why, and what you can do if it happens to you.