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10 things you can do today to make your website perform better
Earlier this month I was lucky to be able to attend SMX East in New York City. The conference was jam-packed with the latest information about search marketing and featured tons of amazing speakers who are innovative leaders in their fields. The conference was only three days long but I felt like I gathered enough information and inspiration to last me for several months. Read the blog post.
Competitive online market evaluation

I'm often asked "how much SEO does my business need?", which I usually answer with another question - how long is a piece of string? That's not me being evasive, it's simply that an online marketing campaign strategy is dependent on so many things.

A few quick and easy ways to determine what may be needed are listed in the blog post. Read more...

Visits or Unique Visitors? Source or Medium? 4 Google Analytics Terms Demystified
So someone told you that you should start tracking traffic to your website. Excited by the idea, you dutifully set up your free Google Analytics account and started watching the data pour in. Or maybe you had an agency or an employee set up your account and they are tracking your website data for you, sending you a nice report every once in a while. Well, congratulations, you are well on your way to mastering your online traffic! Read more..
Content marketing is one of the more popular online marketing strategies right now
Content marketing is one of the more popular strategies right now, and for good reason. More and more Google is attributing higher value and rankings to sites that offer the best “user experience” as well as providing value and quality information on a topic. Links show Google that users have indeed seen this, and found it valuable enough that they wanted to share it with others. Read the full post.
Google plus business page malfunctions and how you can fix it

One of the things we do at Ontario SEO is monitor the social profiles of our clients. Last week we noticed that some of our clients' Google+ pages had been stripped of their official page names and renamed as "Default Page." The error message that Google displays reads: "We have hidden your page and removed it from Google Maps due to changes in our system. Learn more.”

Read the full article to find out why, and what you can do if it happens to you.

Google +

At the beginning of the month, Ontario SEO stepped into the ring for IABC London's Social Media MAY"hem".

Read the full blog post Social Media MAY"hem"
Moving from the 4 Ps of Marketing to the 4 Es

The Internet has changed the way people find, research, and buy.

In order for marketers to truly succeed online, they must adapt to these new buyer behaviors. Here's how you can make the leap from a traditional 4 Ps of marketing approach to the modern way of doing business with the 4 Es - Experience, Everyplace, Exchange, and Evangelism.

Read Moving from the 4 Ps of Marketing to the 4 Es

Website Relaunch Infographic

Have you set up your website relaunch to be out of this world or utterly unimpressive?

Checking up on your website relaunch success? Download the checklist that will make your website relaunch rock here

Pre-Development & Pre-Launch Tips for your website

Set Yourself up for Success

When you’re in the pre-development stages of launching your website, remember that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Don’t neglect any of the necessary website elements that will make your online presence search engine and target audience friendly. Learn how to be successful with this week’s full Thank Goodness for Infographics (TGFI). Read Website Pre-Development & Pre-Launch Infographic

When to launch or relaunch your website

Keep this infographic handy whenever you're planning to launch a website to ensure that your timing is spot on.

Plan Ahead, GIVE YOURSELF TIME A “reasonable timeline” depends on the size & complexity of your website. A 50 page website could require at least two months of development time – Leave a few weeks for buffer/testing time. “DIYers” should double their timelines! Leave buffer time for pre-launch testing: A flawed website is never a fan favourite. Read When to launch your website